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Service support


Syntronic GmbH provides full cycle of electrical installation works for electrical power supplying costomer`s objects:
• Providing full set of equipment and materials for electrical installation transformer substation (distribution transformer substation, complete transformer substation);
• Installation of complete transformer substation;
• Inner and outer cable line laying (0.4 - 10 kV);
• Installation and debugging of power electrical equipment;
• Inner electrical power supply and lighting works;
• Installation of connection coupling of high and low voltage cables;
• Installation of grounding devices and grounding circuits;
• Assembling of switchboard equipment, including the installation of reactive power compensation;
• Execution of debugging works;
• Dismantling requiring replacement or disposal electrical, installation and debugging of new equipment, include transformers of any type;
• Other electrical debugging.

Initial commissioning.

Syntronic GmbH provides debugging works in inner and outer cable lines, in transformer substations and in another equipment of electrical power supply of residential buildings, manufacturing facilities, offices. Debugging work can be provided as another works ( construction and installation works, repairing) and as particularly works:
• Wires, cables, electrical equipment resistance test;
• Grounding circuit step and touch resistance test;
• Bolts and welded connections check;
• Grounding and grounded equipment between circuit check;
• DC current spreading resistance test. (grounding equipment resistance);
• Power supply circuit phasing;
• HV dry transformers checking and overvoltage test;
• HV oil-immersed transformers checking and overvoltage test;
• Feeding and distributing cable lines to 10KV overvoltage test;
• HV equipment of transformer substations overvoltage test;
• Insulation fault check of cables to 10KV and clearing them;
• Works, that related with presentation and delivery of the equipment to supervisory and inspecting organizations.

After checking and testing works we make the technical reports with recommendations and remarks. Our opportunities are not restricted by electrical installation and commissioning works. Our experts can make the full job from engineering to electrical installation and supporting electrical equipment.

Service agreement

For continuous working of equipment you can make an agreement with our company for service maintenance and choose the certain time of works (from 24 to 48 hours).
Service agreement maintenance:
• Fast repairing of equipment;
• Spare parts in stock;
• Clear budgeting of service maintenance;
• Permanent communication with service engineer;
• Reduction of service and administration coasts.

Preventive maintenance

The reasons to make the preventive maintenance:
• PCB and other components contamination check;
• Professional cleaning using the special technical kits;
• Changing the dated components;
• Connections tightening check. Especially in current-carrying parts;
• Error log maintenance and analyses;
• Backup and recovery of software and parameters;
• Technical support hot line.
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