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Voltage stabilizer SYN-Eco

Descriptions on demand
Maximum input current
Rated power
Rated output current

Network type three-phase four-wire
Rated input voltage (phase / line)
380 +15/20 % V
Working range of the input phase voltage 187-253 / 176-262 V
Limit range of the input phase voltage 150-278 V
Rated output voltage 380 or 400 (it is programmed by the menu)
Static accuracy of the output phase voltage 95 %
Output frequency 50 Hz
Form of output voltage pure sine
Efficiency not less than 98%
Range of change of loading 0-100 %
Overload 150% for 3 seconds
Response time 16 ms / V
Method of isolation of high / low voltage fibre optic cables
Principle of voltage regulation servo-driver
Protection against overload and short circuit automatic
Fire safety smoke detector
Bypass manual and automatic
Indication of the main operating modes liquid crystal display
Connecting to the network and load 4-wire, terminal clamps
Operating mode uninterrupted
Warranty period of exploitation 36 months
Air temperature of environment -25...+45 С°
The relative humidity at a temperature of +25 ° C, no more than 95 %
Cooling natural (compulsory from 45 C °)
Weight no more than 178 to 1613 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) from 330x1440x900 to 800x1895x1800 mm

Reg.No: 14006880
Additional office: Estonia, Harju maakond,
Viimsi vald, Muuga kula, Vilja tn 1, 74004
IBAN: EE387700771003028596
AS LHV Pank Tartu mnt 2, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia
Tel.: + 372 616 44 07
Mobile: + 372 555 17 244
E-mail: info@syntronic.eu
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