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Voltage stabilizer SYN-ECO
Voltage stabilizer SYN-ECO Electrodynamical voltage stabilizer with unrelated regulation on the each phase, with smoth control of out voltage, with high-accuracy control ± 0,5% and electronic control.
Triphase voltage stabilizer series SYNTRONIC SYN-Eco produced in power interval 15 kVA… 2000 kVA.
Models series SYNTRONIC SYN-Eco delivered – with unrelated regulation on the each phase, with the possibility of phase control. The regulation occurs on the basis of voltage measurement taking into account harmonics in the electric network.
It should be noted that when making a selection of wider input range (standard 15/20% decrease rated power of the stabilizer. The possible output voltage: 380-400-415V

In the case of the output voltage over a given input voltage range of the stabilizer the error on the output increases. For example: when the input voltage range 176 – 264 (±20%), the precision at the output of the stabilizer will be 220 V ± 0,5%. If you decrease the input voltage to 167V, the output voltage of the stabilizer will be 220 -5%; if you increase the input voltage to 275V, the output voltage of stabilizer will be 220 +5%. Strip for connecting the cable is placed in the lower part of the enclosure.

The voltage regulator is designed for high accuracy of output voltage stabilization, high reaction speed.

The control panel is installed on the door of the cabinet.
For each phase an alarm for the presence of network voltage is available, the ultimate voltage regulation and direction of regulation (increase/decrease). Provides alarms minimum and maximum voltage, maximum output current, over heat and turn off the ventilation. Indication accompanied by a sound signal.

The control board
Fully digital microprocessor control board (DSP) that ensures speed, quality, reliability and precision of work. The DSP reads the phase voltage output, set parameters, controls the operation of the servo, fan unit provides protection against overload and short-circuits in the motor, controls the operation of the circuit "Soft start", corrective circuit, and overvoltage on output, if you disconnect the external network. And monitors the status of the phases and issues an alarm after the crash.
Using DSP, it becomes possible to monitor the system and setting stabilizer parameters by connecting the equipment to PC.
Voltage stabilizer SYN-ECO
Protection devices and alarm
In this series installed protection circuits against decreased/increased output voltage, overload and alarms sound signal: minimum voltage, maximum voltage, over heat, and overload on the auto-transformer.

Circuit breakers installed in the regulation circuit to provide overload protection. When overload the circuit breaker disconnects the voltage regulator (autotransformer). As a result, the consumer continues to receive the voltage (not stabilized) without interruption.
Control board is protected by fuses.

The presence of corrective circuit that installs the output voltage to the minimum value after turning off the electric network (current collector carriage with the help of big capacitors switched into the mode maximum voltage drop). Such regulation protects against possible malfunctions in the load due to overvoltage, which may occur when normal power is restored. Configurator Voltage stabilizer SYN-ECO
The protection circuit from decreased/increased output voltage supply output voltage to the load, within the limits of its safe operation. The circuit operates automatically to disconnect and connect the load. Through this circuit, protected from over-voltage and under-voltage supplied to the load. If the output voltage of the stabilizer exceeds the range of +10% or -20% of rated output voltage, protection is triggered and the load is cut off, with subsequent automatic re-energizing load in case of refund the value of the output voltage within acceptable limits. Stabilizers of this series are mounted in a metal enclosure. Easy to maintain and installation, silent operation are different. Models are made in one enclosure unrelated regulation on each phase. Installed optional, an isolation transformer, the circuit load protection overvoltage and decreased voltage, EMI filter.
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