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Configurator of Variable Frequency Drive SYN-Drive

Descriptions on demand
Rated power
Input voltage
Rated current
Number of power cells for each phase
Output voltage

Input frequency, Hz 50±10%
Electric motor type
Asynchronous / synchronous
Input power factor (cosf),% > 97
Efficiency,% > 96-98
Setting range of the output frequency, Hz ~ 120 (Modulating) +/- 0.1
Accuracy of output frequency, Hz + 0,1
Time of reaction of system for external influences (reaction time), ms 1
Frequency of rectifier 24/48
Overload capability
Overload Protection:
120% of rated current for 60 seconds;
150% of rated current for 3 seconds;
Interface of management system
Touch LCD monitor 12", keyboard (RUS/ENG); Display of the status and management of the configurator of variable Frequency drive; The user interface under the OC Windows and Linux
Acceleration / deceleration time 0.1 ~ 3600sek of choice
Feature of control Scalar control / vector control You can select several curves of acceleration and control
Method of isolation of high / low voltage Fibre optic cables
Communication Interface Physical RS-485 port ModBus RTU protocol
Discrete input 16 digital inputs
Discrete output 8 relay outputs
Analog Input 3 analog inputs AI1, AI2, AI3: AI1, AI2: 0-10 / 0-20; AI3: -10V ~ 10V
Analog output 4 analog outputs AO1, AO2, AO3, AO4: AO1, AO2: 0-10; AO3, AO4: 0-10V / 0-20mA
Protection functions / system failure
Inverter overload, Protection against system failure, Protection against unauthorized opening of doors, Malfunction in the ventilation system, Violation of giving of uninterrupted supply
Protection functions / cells failure
Incoming communication line failure, Line failure downlink, Overstrain
Degree of protection
Incoming communication line failure, Line failure downlink, Overstrain
Insulation class of transformer Н
Method of cooling cases Compulsory, air cooling
Minimum air temperature of environment , °С 0
Maximum air temperature of environment , °С +40
Humidity 95%, non-condensing
Vibration 5,9 m/s2below 0,5g
Incoming air flow, m3/hour In the specification
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm From 3780h1200h2555 to 6250h1400h2555
Weight From 3250 to 11550

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