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Soft Starter SYN-START
Soft Starter SYN-START Soft Starter (SCP) SYN-START at voltage of 6-10kV designed for operation with asynchronous motors. The device enables at small dimensions, materials consumption, and the price to achieve the maximum effect of energy saving to avoid the high voltage assembly process. In a large scale in the manufacture of soft starters used complex static converters and regulators that lead to essential faults of finished products, such as extensive labor cost on service, considerable dimensions and price of devices.

These faults deprived the reactor Soft Starters SYN-START, using the principle of the saturated reactor. The voltage and current on both sides of the reactor gradually change. The reactance of the reactor through the excitation of the direct current also changes smoothly. As a result, a soft start of the motor without overload and overvoltage in the network. It is the device with a similar principle of operation ensures high-quality process of soft start with the necessary current limiting for the motors.
The benefits of SCP series SYN-START
• compact size, because the construction of the adjustable reactor is cast, and the main components of the device have natural cooling;
• limit multiplicities inrush current 5 times, without the use of high-voltage assemblies;
• the lack of the need for more cells to switch the motor to the network; configurator SYN-START
• color touch screen display 10’ has the full set of security features and management;
• SCP just in the installation, setting and running.
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